adjective only used with ref. to the eyelashes, & usually expld. by visāla, i.e. extended wide, but also by bahala, i.e. thick. The meaning etym. is as yet uncertain. Kern, (


s.v.) transls. by “bent, crooked, arched”. -akkhin with wide eyes (eyelashes?) Ja.i.306 (= visāla-netta C.); -pamha with thick eye-lashes Vv.35#7 (= bahala-saṃyata-pakhuma C.; v.l ˚pamukha); -bhamuka having thick eyebrows or ˚lashes Ja.vi.503 (so read for ˚pamukha; C. explains by visāl-akkhigaṇḍa). Cp. āḷāra.

Is it the same as uḷāra?