1. a finger or toe MN.i.395 (vank’ angulaṇ karoti to bend the fingers, variant reading anguliṇ); AN.iii.6 (id.); Ja.v.70 (goṇ adj. with ox toes, expld. by C. as with toes like an ox’s tail; vv.ll. ˚anguṭṭha and ˚angulī).
  2. a finger as measure, i.e. a finger-breadth, an inch Vin.ii.294, Vin.ii.306 (dvaṅgula 2 inches wide); Mhvs.19, Mhvs.11 (aṭṭh˚); Dhp-a.iii.127 (ek˚;).
  • -aṭṭhi (? cp. anga-laṭṭhi) fingers (or toes) and bones DN-a.i.93.
  • -aṅguli fingers and toes Dhp-a.iii.214.
  • -antarikā the interstices between the fingers Vin.iii.39; Mil.180; Dhp-a.iii.214.

Vedic angula, lit. “limblet” see anga for etym.