1. an egg Vin.iii.3; SN.ii.258; MN.i.104; AN.iv.125 sq.
  2. (pl.) the testicles Vin.iii.106.
  3. (in camm˚) a water-bag Ja.i.249 (see Morris J. P. T. S. 1884, 69).
  • -kosa shell of eggs Vin.iii.3 = MN.i.104; AN.iv.126, AN.iv.176.
  • -cheda(ka) one who castrates, a gelder Ja.iv.364 Ja.iv.366.
  • -ja 1 born from eggs SN.iii.241 (of snakes); MN.i.73; Ja.ii.53 = Ja.v.85; Mil.267. 2 a bird Ja.v.189.
  • -bhārin bearing his testicles SN.ii.258 = Vin.iii.100.
  • -sambhava the product of an egg, i.e. a bird Thag.599.
  • -hāraka one who takes or exstirpates the testicles MN.i.383.

Etym. unknown. Cp. Sk. aṇḍa