1. eightfold Vin.i.196 = Ud.59 (˚vaggikāni); Vv-a.75 = Dhp-a.iii.104 (˚bhatta).
  2. ˚ā (f.) the eight day of the lunar month (cp. aṭṭhamī), in phrase rattīsu antar’aṭṭhakāsu in the nights between the eighths, i.e. the 8th day before and after the full moon Vin.i.31, Vin.i.288 (see Vin Texts i.130n); MN.i.79; AN.i.136; Mil.396; Ja.i.390.
  3. ˚ṃ (nt.) an octad Vv.67#2 (aṭṭh eight octads = 64); Vv-a.289, Vv-a.290. On sabbaṭṭhaka see aṭṭha B 1 a. See also antara.

Sk. aṣṭaka