the fruit of the jujube tree (Zizyphus jujuba), not unlike a crabapple in appearance & taste, very astringent, used for medicine AN.i.130 = Pp.32; AN.iii.76; Vin.iv.76; Ja.iii.21; Dhs-a.320 (cited among examples of acrid flavours) Vv-a.186. Spelling padara for b˚ at Ja.iv.363;

  • -aṭṭhi kernel of the j. Snp-a.247.
  • -paṇḍu light yellow (fresh) jujube-fruit AN.i.181 (so read for bhadara˚)
  • -missa mixture or addition of the juice of jujube-fruits Vin.iv.76.
  • -yūsa juice of the j. fruit Vv-a.185.

cp. Ved. badara & badarī