in compound with kar = bahula (adj.) + kar, lit. “to make much of,” i.e. to practise, in foll. words: -kata (pp. practised (frequently), usually combined with bhāvita SN.ii.264; SN.iv.200, SN.iv.322; SN.v.259; AN.i.6; Vism.267 (= punappunaṃ kata); -katatta (nt.) practice DN.ii.214; -kamma continuous practice, an act often repeated MN.i.301; Dhs-a.406 (= punappuna-karaṇa); -karoti to take up seriously, to practise, devote oneself to (acc.) MN.i.454; AN.i.275; AN.iii.79; SN.iv.322; Dhp-a.iii.356 (sevati +) Vb-a.291; -kāra zealous exercise, practice MN.iii.25 sq (tab-bahulī˚ to this end).

rare in Epic Sanskrit; when found, diff. in meaning