1. binding, bond, fetter Vin.i.21; DN.i.226, DN.i.245 (pañca kāmaguṇā); DN.iii.176; MN.ii.44; SN.i.8, SN.i.24 (Māra˚), SN.i.35, SN.i.40, SN.iv.201 sq. (5 fold) to bind the king of the Devas or Asuras, SN.iv.291; Snp.532, Snp.948; Thag.414; Thag.2, Thag.356 (Māra˚ Dhp.345 sq.; Ja.ii.139, Ja.ii.140; Ja.iii.59 = Pv-a.4; Ja.v.285; Cnd.304#iii. b (var. bonds, andhu˚, rajju˚ etc. cp. Mnd.433) DN-a.i.121 (with ref. to kāmā).
  2. binding, tying band, ligature; tie (see fig.) Vin.i.204 (˚suttaka thread for tying), Vin.ii.135 (kāya˚ waistband); Vin.ii.117 (˚rajju for robes); SN.iii.155 (vetta˚ ligatures of bamboo; cp. v.51) Snp.44 (gihi˚, cp. Cnd.228: puttā ca dāsī ca); Dhp-a.i.4 (ghara˚ tie of the house); Kp-a.51 (paṭṭa˚).
  3. holding together, composition, constitution Vin.i.96 (sarīra˚) cp. Vin.iii.28
    ■ fig. composition (of literature) Ja.ii.224 (gāthā˚).
  4. joining together, union, company Dhp-a.ii.160 (gaṇa˚ joining in companies).
  5. handle Vin.ii.135.
  6. piecing together Vin.i.254 (˚mattena when it, i.e. the stuff, has only been pieced together, see Vin. Texts ii.153 n.).
  7. strap (?) doubtful reading in aṃsa˚; (q.v.) Vv.33#40, where we should prefer to read with variant reading -vaṭṭaka.
  8. doubtful in meaning in cpd paṃca-vidha-bandhana “the fivefold fixing,” as one of the torments in Niraya. It is a sort of crucifixion (see for detail pañca 3) Cnd.304#iii. c = Mnd.404; Ja.i.174; Pv-a.221; Vb-a.278. In this connection it may mean “set,” cp. mūla˚
    ■ On use of bandhana in similes see J.P.T.S. 1907, 115. Cp. vini˚.
  • -āgāra “fetter-house,” prison DN.i.72; MN.i.75; Vin.iii.151; Ja.iii.326; Dhp-a.ii.152; Vv-a.66; Pv-a.153
  • -āgārika prison-keeper, head-jailer AN.ii.207.

fr. bandh, cp. Vedic bandhana