Beluva & Beḷuva

  1. the Vilva tree Aegle marmelos MN.i.108; MN.ii.6; Ja.iv.363, Ja.iv.368;
  2. wood of the Vilva tree SN.i.22; DN.ii.264 Mhbv.31.
  • -pakka ripe fruit of the Vilva Ja.v.74.
  • -paṇḍu(-vīṇā) a yellow flute made of Vilva wood, representing a kind of magic flute which according to Snp-a.393 first belonged to Māra, and was then given to Pañcasikha, one of the Heavenly Musicians, by Sakka. See Vism.392 (attributed to Pañcasikha); Dhp-a.i.433 (of Māra; variant reading veḷuvadaṇḍa-vīṇā); Dhp-a.iii.225 (of P.); Snp-a.393 (variant reading veluva˚)
  • -laṭṭhi a young sprout of the Vilva tree Kp-a.118
  • -salāṭuka the unripe fruit of the Vilva, next in size to the smaller kola, surpassed in size by the ripe billa or billi SN.i.150 = AN.iv.170 = Snp.p.125.

the guṇa-form of billa, in like meaning. It is the diaeretic form of Sk. *bailva or *vailva, of which the contracted form is P. bella