Bhaddakaa & Bhadrakab

  1. good, of good quality (opp. pāpaka) AN.iv.169a.
  2. honoured of high repute Ja.iii.269a (= sambhāvita C.).
  3. (m nt.) a good thing, lucky or auspicious possession, a valuable. applied to the 8 requisites (parikkhārā) of a Samaṇa at Ja.v.254b
    ■ On upari-bhaddaka (Name of a tree; C. = bhagini-mālā) see upari
    ■ At AN.iv.255 bhaddaka is given as one of the eight ingredients of the sun & moon; it may be gold (? cp. Kirfel, Kosmographie 190), or simply a term for a very valuable quality.

fr. bhadda