feeding, food, nourishment, meal Dhp.185; Pp.28, Pp.55; Ja.ii.15; Ja.v.170 (bhatta-manuñña-rūpaṃ for bhattaṃ-); Vism.66 (where 14 kinds enumerated, i.e. sangha˚ uddesa˚ etc.); Sdhp.118
■ ucchiṭṭha˚ food thrown away Pv-a.173; uddesa˚ special food Vin.i.58 = Vin.i.96, cp.ii.175; devasika˚ daily food (as fee or wages) DN-a.i.296 (= bhatta-vetana); dhura˚ a meal to which a bhikkhu is invited as leader of others, i.e. a responsible meal Ja.i.449; Ja.iii.97 (variant reading dhuva˚); dhuva˚ constant supply of food Vin.i.25, Vin.i.243.

  • -agga cp. BSk. bhaktāgra Divy.335; Mvu.ii.478 a refectory Vin.i.44; MN.i.28; Ja.v.334.
  • -ammaṇa food trough
  • -ābhihāra gift of food SN.i.82.
  • -uddesaka (thera) (an elder) who supervises the distribution of food, a superintendent of meals Vism.388, Dhp-a.i.244.
  • -kāraka one who prepares the meal or food, a cook, butler Ja.i.150 sq.; Ja.v.296;; DN-a.i.157
  • -kicca “meal-performance,” meal (cp. BSk. bhaktakṛtya Divy.185) Ja.i.87; Mil.9; Vism.278 (kata˚ after the meal, cp. kata ii.1. a); Pv-a.76.
  • -kilamatha fatigue after eating Snp-a.58 (cp. ˚sammada).
  • -gāma a village giving tribute or service Dhp-a.i.398
  • -dāna gift of a meal Pv-a.54
  • -puṭa a bag with food Ja.ii.82 Ja.ii.203 Ja.iii.200 DN-a.i.270 cp. puṭabhatta
  • -puṭaka same Kp-a.44 Vb-a.234 Vism.251
  • -bhoga enjoyment of food SN.i.92
  • -randhaka a cook Ja.iv.431
  • -vissagga serving a meal, meal-function, participation at a meal Vin.iv.263 Pv.iii.2#9 (so read for vissatta; explained at Pv-a.184 by bhattakicca & bhuñjana) Mil.9 Snp-a.19 Snp-a.140
  • -vetana service for food, food as wages (cp bhaktā-dāsa a slave working for food Manu viii.415 ‣See Fick. Sociale Gliederung p. 197), in general “hire wages,” also “professional fee” DN.iii.191 Vin.iii.222 (rañño bh-v āhāro “in the King’s pay”); Ja.iv.132 sq. Mil.379; Dhp-a.i.25 (to a physician); Vv-a.305.
  • -velā meal-time Snp-a.111.
  • -sammada drowsiness after a meal SN.i.7;; Vb.352; Vism.278, Vism.295.
  • -sālā hall for meals, refectory Vism.72.

cp. Epic & Class. Sk. bhakta, orig. pp. of bhajati