1. devotion, attachment, fondness Pp.20; Dhs.1326 (cp. Dhs trsl. 345); Pp.65; Ja.v.340 (= sineha C.);; Vv-a.353, Vv-a.354.

  2. in bhatti-kata Thig.413 it means “service,” thus “doing service” (or “rendered a servant”?).

  3. of uncertain meaning in bhatti-kamma, probably “making lines, decoration ornamentation” Vin.ii.113 (˚kamma-kata decorated), Vin.i.51. The reading is uncertain, may be bhati˚ (? Kern


    s. v. trsls “patchwork”?). Cp. vi˚.

cp. Vedic & Class. Sk. bhakti, fr.; bhaj: see bhajati