neuter hemp coarse hempen cloth Vin.i.58 (where combined with sāṇa).

cp. Sk. bhanga, which occurs already Atharva-veda xi.6.15 (see Zimmer. Altind. Leben 68) also Av. baṃha, Polish pienka hemp. On its possible etym. connection with Vedic śaṇa (Ath. Veda ii.4.5 = P. saṇa & sāṇa hemp (= Gr. κάνναβις, Ger. hanf E. hemp) see Walde, Lat. Wtb. s. v. cannabis



  1. (lit.) breaking, breaking off, in sākhā˚; a layer of broken-off branches Ja.iii.407.
  2. (fig.) breaking up, dissolution, disruption (see on form Cpd. 25, 66; Pts.i.57 sq. (˚ânupassanā insight into disruption), quoted & expld at Vism.640 sq.; Vb-a.27 (˚khaṇa); Sdhp.48 Sdhp.78 (āsā˚). Cp. vi˚. Bhangana & Bhangaloka;

cp. Class. Sk. bhanga, fr. bhañj: see bhañjati