1. breaking, rending, breach, disunion, dissension Vism.64 sq. (contrasted with ānisaṃsa), Vism.572 sq (with ref. to upādāna & bhava); Vb-a.185 (id.); Sdhp.66, Sdhp.457, Sdhp.463
    mithu˚; breaking of alliance DN.ii.76; Ja.iv.184; Kv.314
    vacī˚; breaking of kāya* i.e. & cp. DN.iii.52, DN.iii.146 sq., DN.iii.258; Dhp.140; Pp.51.
  2. (-˚) sort kind, as adj. consisting of, like Ja.ii.438; (kaṭuk ādi˚); Dhp-a.iii.14 (kāya-sucarit’-ādi˚-bhadra-kammāni) Snp-a.290 (Avīci-ādi-˚ niraya).
  • -kara causing division or dissension Vin.ii.7; Vin.iii.173 Vin.v.93 (cp. Vin.i.354 & Vin. Texts iii.266 for the 18 errors in which the Sangha is brought into division by bhikkhus who are in the wrong); Dhs-a.29 (aṭṭhārasa bheda-kara-vatthūni the 18 causes of dissension).

fr. bhid, cp. Ved. & Class. Sk. bheda in same meanings