ball, bead; also a ball-shaped ornament or turret, cupola Thag.164 (see kaṇḍu2) Ja.i.386 (see [˚maya ball-shaped](/define/˚maya ball-shaped)); Ja.iii.184 (variant reading geṇḍu).

with variant reading geṇḍu, of uncertain reading & meaning. Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 107 gives giṇḍu & remarks that this cannot be derived fr. kaṇḍuka (although; kaṇḍu may be considered as gloss of bheṇḍu at Thag.164: see kaṇḍu2), but belongs with Prk. geṇḍui play & P geṇḍuka and the originally Sk. words genduka, ginduka geṇḍu, geṇḍuka to a root; gid, giḍ, Prk. giṇḍai to play Morris, J.P.T.S. 1884, 90 says: “I am inclined to read geṇḍu in all cases & to compare it with geḍuka & geṇḍuka a ball”