feminine a bolster, cushion pad, roll Vin.i.287 sq. (cīvara˚ a robe rolled up); Vin.ii.150 Vin.ii.170; Vin.iii.90; Vin.iv.279. Five kinds are allowed in a Vihāra, viz. uṇṇa-bhisi, cola˚, vāka˚, tiṇu˚, paṇṇa˚, i.e. bolsters stuffed with wool, cotton-cloth, bark, grass or talipot leaves, Vin.ii.150 = Vb-a.365 (tiṇa˚).

  • -bimbohana bolster & pillow Vin.i.47; Vin.ii.208; Dhp-a.i.416; Vb-a.365.

cp. Epic Sk. bṛṣī & bṛsī, with bh for b, as in Prk. bhisī, cp. Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 209


a raft Snp.21
■ Andersen, Pali Reader, Glossary s. v. identifies it with bhisi1 and asks: “Could it also mean a sort of cushion, made of twisted grass used instead of a swimming girdle?”