food, meal, nourishment in general Ja.ii.218; Ja.iv.103, Ja.iv.173; Ja.i.178; Ja.iv.223; Snp.102 Snp.128, Snp.242, Snp.366, Snp.667; Dhp.7, Dhp.70; Pp.21, Pp.55; Mil.370 Vism.69, Vism.106; Sdhp.52, Sdhp.388, Sdhp.407. Some similes with bhojana see J.P.T.S. 1907, 119
tika˚; food allowed for a triad (of reasons) Vin.ii.196. dub˚ having little or bad food Ja.ii.368; Dhp-a.iv.8. paṇīta˚; choice plentiful meals Vin.iv.88. sabhojane kule in the family in which a bhikkhu has received food Vin.iv.94
bhojane mattaññu(tā) knowing proper measure in eating (& abstr.); eating within bounds, one of the 4 restricttions of moral life SN.ii.218; AN.i.113 sq.; Mnd.483. 5 bhojanāni or meals are given at Vin.iv.75, viz niccabhatta˚, salākabhatta˚, pakkhikaṃ, uposathikaṃ pāṭipadikaṃ
■ As part of the regulations concerning food, hours of eating etc. in the Sangha there is a distinction ascribed to the Buddha between gaṇabhojanaṃ, parampara-bhojanaṃ, atirittabhojanaṃ, anatirittabhojanaṃ mentioned at Kv.ii.552; see Vin.iv.71 Vin.iv.77. All these ways of taking food are forbidden under ordinary circumstances, but allowed in the case of illness (gilāna-samaye), when robes are given to the Bhikkhus (cīvarasamaye) and several other occasions as enumerated at Vin.iv.74
■ The distinction is made as follows: gaṇabhojanaṃ said when 4 bhikkhus are invited to partake together of one of the five foods; or food prepared as a joint meal Vin.iv.74; cp. Vin.ii.196 Vin.v.128, Vin.v.135; paramparabhojanaṃ said when a bhikkhu invited to partake of one of the 5 foods, first takes one and then another Vin.iv.78; atirittabhojanaṃ is food left over from that provided for a sick person, or too great a quantity offered on one occasion to bhikkhus (in this case permitted to be eaten) Vin.iv.82; anatirittabhojanaṃ is food that is not left over & is accepted & eaten by a bhikkhu without inquiry Vin.iv.84.

  • -aggadāna gift of the best of food Snp-a.270.
  • -atthika in need of food, hungry Pv.ii.9#29.
  • -pariyantika restricting one’s feeding Vism.69.
  • -vikati at Ja.v.292 is to be read as bhājana˚; (q.v.).

fr. bhuñjati