1. (n. m.) a freed slave freeman; a servant as distinguished from a slave Vin.i.93; Ja.ii.313; Pv-a.112
    bhujissaṃ karoti to grant freedom to a slave Ja.v.313;,; Dhp-a.i.19 Thag-a.200
    ■ f. bhujissā Vin.ii.271 (in same sequence as bhujissa at Vin.i.93).
  2. (adj.) freeing fr. slavery productive of freedom DN.ii.80 (cp. Dial. ii.80); DN.iii.245; SN.ii.70; SN.iv.272; AN.iii.36, AN.iii.132, AN.iii.213; Vism.222 (with exegesis). Cp. bhoja & bhojaka.
  • -bhāva state of being freed fr. slavery, freedom Thag-a.200.

cp. BSk. bhujiṣya Divy.302, according to Mhvyut § 84 meaning “clean”; thus fr. bhuj (see bhuñjati2) to purify, sort out