1. (Pass.) eaten, being eaten Snp.p.15; Dhp.308; impers. eating Vin.iv.82 (bhuttaṃ hoti). Also -geha eating house Ja.v.290, and in phrase yathā-bhuttaṃ bhuñjatha “eat according to eating,” i.e. as ought to be eaten, eating in moderation DN.ii.173 (where Rh. D., Dial. ii.203, trsls “ye shall eat as ye have eaten”) = DN.iii.62, DN.iii.63 (where Rh. D., Dial. iii.64 trsls “enjoy your possessions as you have been wont to do”; see note ibid.). We should favour a translation in the first sense
    dubbhuttaṃ, indigestible
  2. (Med. cp. bhuttar) having eaten, one who has eaten Mil.370 (sace bhutto bhaveyy’ âhaṃ); also in phrase bhutta-pātar-āsa after having eaten breakfast Ja.ii.273; Dhp-a.iv.226.
  • -āvasesa the remainder of a meal Vin.ii.216.

pp. of bhuñjati1; Sk. bhukta