1. part, portion, fraction, share Vin.i.285; Snp.427 (sahassa-bhāgo maraṇassa = sahassaṃ bhāgānaṃ assā ti Snp-a.387; a thousand times a share of death, i.e. very near death, almost quite dead), Snp.702 (variant reading Snp-a.492 for Snp samāna-bhāva, evenness proportionate-ness); Vv.14#6 (= kummāsa-koṭṭhāsa Vv-a.62); Pv.i.11#5 (aḍḍhi˚ one half); Vin.iv.264
    ■ Cp vi˚-bhāgaso (abl-adv.) in parts, by parts, by portions esp. in even portions, i.e. evenly, in proportion SN.i.193 (according to each one’s share; cp. Thag.1242); MN.iii.183; Vv.7#2; Mil.330, Mil.415 (aneka˚ hundredfold or more). bhāgaso mita (of cities or dwelling-places etc. evenly planned, well laid out, i.e. in squares Snp.300, Snp.305 (nivesanāni suvibhattāni bhāgaso); Ja.v.266 (cp. C. on Ja.v.272) = Cnd.304#iii. d; Pv.i.10#13 (= bhāgato mita Pv-a.52)
    bhāgabhatta apportioned food, ration Dhp-a.i.134
    ■ Cp. dobbhagga “disproportionateness,” i.e. bad luck.
  2. apportioned share (of money), fee remuneration, always in term ācariya˚; (ācariyassa) the teacher’s fee (usually consisting in 1,000 kahāpaṇas Ja.i.273; Ja.v.457;; Mil.10; Dhp-a.i.253.
  3. division of space, quarter, side, place, region: disā˚; quarter of the compass Vin.ii.217; para˚; outside part Kp-a.206 = Pv-a.24 (kuḍḍānaṃ parabhāgā = tiro-kuḍḍā); pacchābhāgaṃ (acc. adv.) at the back part, behind Pv-a.114 (fig.) way, respect, in ubhato-bhāga -vimutta “free in both ways” DN.ii.71; MN.i.477 (see Dial ii.70; i.e. free both by insight and by the intellectual discipline of the 8 stages of Deliverance, the aṭṭha vimokkhā).
  4. division of time, time, always-˚, e.g. pubba˚; the past apara˚; the future Pv-a.133; obl. cases adverbially: tena divasa-bhāgena (+ ratti bhāgena) at that day (& that very night) Mil.18; apara-bhāge (loc.) in future Ja.i.34; Pv-a.116.

cp. Vedic bhāga, fr. bhaj, bhajati