reciting or preaching, in pada˚; reciting the verses of the Scriptures Dhp-a.ii.95 (variant reading paṭibhāna), Dhp-a.iii.345; Dhp-a.iv.18.

  • -vāra a section of the Scriptures, divided into such for purposes of recitation, “a recital” Vin.i.14; Vin.ii.247 DN-a.13; MN-a.2 (concerning the Bh. of Majjhima Nikāya) Snp-a.2 (of Sutta Nipāta), Snp-a.608 (id.); Dhs-a.6 (of Dhammasangaṇī, cp. Expos. 8 n. 3), and frequently in other Commentaries & Expositionary Works.

fr. bhaṇati