adjective noun

  1. fearful, i.e. having fear, timid, afraid, shy, cowardly Sdhp.207 (dukkha˚); usually in neg. abhīru not afraid, without fear, combined with anutrāsin: see utrāsin.
  2. fearful i.e. causing fear, awful, dreadful, terrible Pv.ii.4#1 (˚dassana terrible to look at).
  3. (m.) fear, cowardice Snp.437 (= utrāsa Snp-a.390).
  • -ttāṇa refuge for the fearful, adj. one who protects those who are in fear AN.ii.174; Iti.25; Sdhp.300.

fr. bhī; cp. Vedic bhīru