to press, weigh on; oppress, hinder afflict, harm DN.ii.19; Ja.i.211; Ja.iv.124; Vism.400; Dhp-a.i.24. grd. bādhitabba Thag-a.65; Pass. bādhiyati to be afflicted, to become sore, to suffer Snp-a.481; Thag-a.282; ppr. bādhiyamāna Pv-a.33 (so read for ˚ayamāna), Pv-a.69
caus bādheti; pp. bādhita (q.v.). Cp. vi˚.

Vedic bādhate, bādh; Idg. *bheidh to force, cp. Goth. baidjan, Ohg. beitten. See Walde, Lat. Wtb. s. v. fido. In Pali there seems to have taken place a confusion of roots bādh and bandh, see bādheti & other derivations