the arm Ja.iii.271 (bāhumā bāhuṃ pīḷentā shoulder to shoulder); Vism.192. -ṃ pasāreti to stretch out the arm (cp. bāhaṃ) Pv-a.112 pacchā-bāhuṃ (cp. bāhaṃ) Pv-a.4 (gāḷha-bandhanaṃ bandhāpetvā).

  • -(p)pacālakaṃ (adv.) after the manner of one who swings his arms about Vin.ii.213 (see expln at Vin.iv.188).

cp. Vedic bāhu, prob. to bahati2; cp. Gr. π ̈ηξυς in same meaning, Ohg. buoc. It seems that bāhu is more frequent in later literature, whereas the by-form bāhā belongs to the older period