adjective strong; only as adv. -ṃ and ˚-, viz.

  1. bāḷhaṃ strongly, very much, excessively, too much, to satiety Ja.ii.293 Ja.vi.291 (i.e. too often, C. punappunaṃ); Mil.407; Pv-a.274. Comparative bāḷhataraṃ in a higher degree even more, too much Vin.ii.270, Vin.ii.276; Mil.125.
  2. (˚-) in bāḷha-gilāna very ill, grievously sick DN.i.72; AN.ii.144; SN.v.303; DN-a.i.212.

Vedic bāḍha, orig. pp. of bahati2