adjective disgusting, awful, horrible, dreadful Ja.ii.276; Ja.iv.71 (˚vaṇṇa), Sdhp.603. -dassana a disgusting sight, horrible to behold Ja.i.171; Pv-a.32, Pv-a.56 Pv-a.68, Pv-a.99 (: all with ref. to Petas)
■ The spelling bhībhaccha (after bhī) is sometimes found, e.g. at Ja.i.61 Ja.iv.491; Ja.v.42.

cp. Epic Sk. bībhatsa, bībhatsate to feel disgust. Not a des. fr. bādhate: see Walde, Lat. Wtb. s. v. fastidium