circle, a sphere, esp. a mythical range of mountains supposed to encircle the world; pl worlds or spheres Ja.i.53, Ja.i.203;; Vism.205 (its extent), Vism.207, Vism.367, Vism.421; Dhs-a.297; Dhp-a.ii.15; Dhp-a.iii.498; in the trope “cakkavāḷaṃ atisambādhaṃ brahmaloko atinīco” (= the whole world cannot hold it) to express immensity Dhp-a.i.310; Vv-a.68.

  • -gabbha the interior of the C. sphere Ja.iv.119; DN-a.i.284;
  • -pabbata (nt.) the C. mountains, “world’s end Ja.iii.32;;
  • -rajja (nt.) the whole world, strictly speaking the whole region of a sphere Ja.ii.392.