adjective having eyes, being gifted with sight; of clear sight, intuition or wisdom possessing knowledge (cp. samantacakkhu) DN.i.76 (one who knows, i.e. a connoisseur); cakkhumanto rūpāni dakkhinti “those who have eyes to see shall see” (of the Buddha) DN.i.85, DN.i.110, etc
■ Vin.i.16; SN.i.27; AN.i.116 AN.i.124; AN.iv.106; Dhp.273; Iti.108, Iti.115; DN-a.i.221; Dhp-a.iii.403; Dhp-a.iv.85
■ Esp. as epithet of the Buddha: the Allwise SN.i.121, SN.i.134, SN.i.159, SN.i.210; Snp.31, Snp.160, Snp.992, Snp.1028, Snp.1116 Snp.1128; Vv.12#5 (= pañcahi cakkhūhi cakkhumā Buddho Bhagavā Vv-a.60, cp. cakkhu iii.); Vv.81#27.

cakkhu + mant