cariyā (f.) (mostly-˚) conduct, behaviour, state of, life of. Three cariyās at Pts.i.79; six at Vism.101; eight at Pts.ii.19 sq., Pts.ii.225 & four sets of eight in detail at Cnd.237b. Very freq. in dhamma & brahma˚, a good walk of life, proper conduct, chastity-eka˚ living alone Snp.820; unchā˚ begging Ja.ii.272 Ja.iii.37; bhikkhā˚ a life of begging Snp.700; nagga˚ nakedness Dhp.141
■ See also carati 2b. In compounds cariyā˚.

  • -piṭaka the last book in the Khuddaka-nikāya
  • -manussa a spy, an outpost Ja.iii.361 (variant reading cārika˚).

from; car, carati