ordinal number the fourth Snp.97 Snp.99, Snp.450; Ja.iii.55;; ˚ṃ (adv.) for the fourth time Dhp-a.iii.174
■ f. catutthī Snp.436; Vism.338
■ See also (s.v. Aḍḍha) aḍḍhuḍḍha.

  • -bhatta food eaten only every fourth day Ja.v.424
  • -magga “the fourth Path,” of Arahantship Dhp-a.i.309
  • -mana (?) (nt.) name of the tongue, in so far as it forms the fourth vatthu (beside eyes, ears, nose) according to the gloss: Ja.v.155; extremely doubtful.

Vedic caturtha, Idg. *queturto = Gr. τέτρατος, Lat. quartus, Ohg. fiordo