Name of a tree, perhaps the yellow Myrobalan Ja.v.420.


adjective only in-˚: sucetasa of a good mind, good-hearted SN.i.4 = SN.i.29, SN.i.46 = SN.i.52; paraphrased by Buddhaghosa as sundaracetasa; pāpa˚ of a wicked mind, evil-minded SN.i.70 = SN.i.98; a˚ without mind SN.i.198; sabba˚; all-hearted, with all one’s mind or heart, in phrase aṭṭhikatvā manasikatvā sabbacetaso samannāharitva ohitasoto (of one paying careful & proper attention) SN.i.112 sq. = 189, 220; AN.ii.116; AN.iii.163, AN.iii.402; AN.iv.167. The editors have often misunderstood the phrase & we freq. find vv.ll. with sabbaṃ cetaso & sabbaṃ cetasā-appamāṇa˚ SN.iv.186; avyāpanna˚ SN.v.74.

orig. the gen. of ceto used as nominative