to spit out, to vomit, throw away; abandon, leave reject Vin.214 sq.; Vin.iv.265; MN.i.207; SN.i.169 (chaṭṭehi wrongly for chaḍḍehi) = Snp.p.15; Ja.i.61, Ja.i.254, Ja.i.265, Ja.i.292 Ja.v.427; Pp.33; Dhp-a.i.95 (uṇhaṃ lohitaṃ ch. to kill oneself); Dhp-a.ii.101; Dhp-a.iii.171; Vv-a.126; Pv-a.43, Pv-a.63, Pv-a.174 Pv-a.211; Pv-a.255; Mil.15
ger chaḍḍūna Thig.469 (= chaḍḍetvā Thag-a.284); grd. chaḍḍetabba Vin.i.48; Ja.ii.2 chaḍḍanīya Mil.252; chaḍḍiya (to be set aside) MN.i.12 sq
pass chaḍḍīyati Pv-a.174
caus chaḍḍāpeti to cause to be vomited, to cast off, to evacuate to cause to be deserted Vin.iv.265; Ja.i.137; Ja.iv.139,; Vism.182
pp chaḍḍita (q.v.)
■ See also kacavara˚

Vedic chardayati & chṛṇatti to vomit; cp. also avaskara excrements & karīsa dung. From; *sqer to eliminate, separate, throw out (Gr. κρίνω, Lat. ex (s)cerno), cp. Gr. σκ ̈ως, Lat. mus(s)cerda, Ags. scearn.