1. (adj.) thought out, invented, devised SN.i.137 (dhammo asuddho samalehi c.); SN.iii.151 (caraṇaṃ nāma cittaṃ citten’ eva c.); Pv.ii.6#13 (mantaṃ brahma˚, expl. Pv-a.97 by kathitaṃ)
  2. (nt.) a thought, intention, in duc˚ su˚; (bad & good) AN.i.102; Thag-a.76; -matta as much as a thought, loc. cintita-matte (yeva) at the mere thoughts just as he thought it Dhp-a.i.326 (= cintita kkhaṇe in the moment of thinking it, p. Dhp-a.i.329).

pp. of cinteti, cp. also cintaka