“the act of thinking” (cp. citti), thought SN.i.57; Pp.25; Dhs.16, Dhs.20, Dhs.292; Sdhp.165 Sdhp.216
■ loka˚ thinking over the world, philosophy SN.v.447; AN.ii.80.

  • -kavi “thought-poetry,” i.e. original poetry (see kavi) AN.ii.230;
  • -maṇi the jewel of thought, the true philosopher’s stone Vv-a.32; Name of a science Ja.iii.504
  • -maya consisting of pure thought, metaphysical DN.iii.219; Ja.iv.270; Vb.324; Ne.8, Ne.50, Ne.60 (˚mayin, of paññā); Vism.439 (id.).

to cit, cinteti