adjective to be tamed or restrained; esp with ref. to a young bullock MN.i.225 (balagāvā dammagāvā the bulls & the young steers); Iti.80; also of other animals: assadamma-sārathi a horse-trainer AN.ii.112 & fig. of unconverted men likened to refractory bullocks in phrase purisa-damma-sārathi (Ep. of the Buddha “the trainer of the human steer” DN.i.62 (misprint ˚dhamma˚) = DN.ii.93 = DN.iii.5; MN.ii.38; AN.ii.112; Vv.17#13 (nara-vara-d. sārathi cp. Vv-a.86.

Sk. damya, grd. of dāmyati see dameti & cp. damaya (damiya)