point, part, place, region, spot, country, Vin.i.46; Vin.ii.211; MN.i.437; Ja.i.308; Dhs-a.307 (˚bhūta); Pv-a.78 (˚antara prob. to be read dos˚), Pv-a.153 Kp-a.132, Kp-a.227
desaṃ karoti to go abroad Ja.v.340 (p. 342 has disaṃ)
■ kañcid-eva desaṃ pucchati to ask a little point DN.i.51; MN.i.229; AN.v.39, sometimes as kiñcid-eva d. p. SN.iii.101; MN.iii.15; variant reading at DN.i.51- desāgata pañha a question propounded, lit. come into the region of some one or having become a point of discussion Mil.262.

Ved. deśa, cp. disā