to point out, indicate, show; set forth, preach, teach; confess. Very freq. in phrase dhammaṃ d. to deliver a moral discourse to preach the Dhamma Vin.i.15; Vin.ii.87, Vin.ii.188; Vin.v.125, Vin.v.136; DN.i.241, AN.ii.185, AN.v.194; Iti.111; Ja.i.168; Ja.iii.394; Pp.57; Pv-a.6
aor adesesi (SN.i.196 = Thag.1254) & desesi (Pv-a.2, Pv-a.12, Pv-a.78 etc.)
pp desita (q.v.).

Sk. deśayati, Caus. of disati, q.v.