vein Thag.408 Usually in cpd.: -santhata strewn with veins, with veins showing, i.e. emaciated (: nimmaṃsa-lohitatāya sirājālehi vitthatagatta Pv-a.68) Vin.iii.110; Ja.iv.371 Ja.v.69; Dhp.395 = Thag.243 = Pv.ii.1#13; Pv.iv.10#1; Dhp-a.i.299, Dhp-a.i.367; Dhp-a.iv.157; Thag-a.80. So also in Jain Pk. “kisa dhamaṇisaṃtata”: Weber, Bhagavatī p. 289; cp. Lal.226
■ Also as -santhatagatta (adj.) having veins showing all over the body for lack of flesh Vin.i.55 Vin.iii.146; MN.ii.121; Ja.i.346, Ja.ii.283; Thag-a.80.

Sk. dhamani, to dhamati, orig. a tube for blowing, a tubular vessel, pipe