to hold, bear, carry, wear; to hold up, support; to bear in mind, know by heart; to hold out, endure, last continue, live Snp.385 (take to heart, remember); Dhp-a.ii.68
ppr dharamāṇa living, lasting Ja.i.75 (dh˚e yeva suriye while the sun was still up); Ja.ii.6; Mil.240 Mil.291 (Bhagavato dh˚-kāle)
grd dhareyya, in dh˚divasa the day when a young girl is to be carried (into the house of her husband) Thag-a.25; cp. dhāreyya Thig.472 = vivāha Thag-a.285
pp dhata (q.v.)-Caus dhāreti (q.v.).

Sk. dharati, dhṛ; as in Gr. χρόνος; Lat. firmus & fretus. See also daḷha, dhata, dhamma, dhiti, dhuva