of abandoned life, wild, fast, cunning, crafty, fraudulent; wicked, bad. (m.) a rogue, cheat, evil-minded person, scoundrel, rascal. There are three sorts of a wild life, viz. akkha˚ in gambling, itthi˚ with women, surā˚ in drink (Snp.106; Ja.iv.255)
■ Vin.ii.277 (robber, highwayman); AN.iii.38 (a˚); AN.iv.288 (itthi˚); Ja.i.49 (surā˚), Ja.i.290, Ja.i.291; Ja.ii.416, Ja.iii.287; Ja.iv.223, Ja.iv.494 (surā˚); Thag-a.250 (itthi˚), Thag-a.260 (˚purisa), Thag-a.266 (˚kilesa); Pv-a.3, Pv-a.5 (itthi˚, surā˚), Pv-a.151. f. dhutti (dhuttī) Ja.ii.114 (˚brāhmaṇī).

Sk. dhūrta, from dhūrvati & dhvarati to injure, deceive, cp. Lat. fraus; Idg. *dhreu, an enlarged form of which is *dreugh in Sk. druhyati, drugdha = Ohg triogan, troum etc.: see duhana