distress, dejectedness, melancholy, grief. As mental pain (cetasikaṃ asātaṃ cet. dukkhaṃ SN.v.209 = Cnd.312; cp DN.ii.306; Ne.12) opp. to dukkha physical pain: see dukkha B III.1 a). A synonym of domanassaṃ is appaccaya (q.v.). For defn of the term see Vism.461 Vism.504. The freq. combination dukkha-domanassa refers to an unpleasant state of mind & body (see dukkha B III.1 b; e.g. SN.iv.198; SN.v.141; MN.ii.64; AN.i.157; Iti.89 etc.) the contrary of somanassaṃ with which dom˚ is combined to denote “happiness & unhappiness,” joy & dejection e.g. DN.iii.270; MN.ii.16; AN.i.163; Snp.67 (see somanassa)- Vin.i.34; DN.ii.278, DN.ii.306; SN.iv.104, SN.iv.188; SN.v.349, SN.v.451; MN.i.48, MN.i.65, MN.i.313, MN.i.340; MN.ii.51; MN.iii.218; AN.i.39 (abhijjhā covetousness & dejection, see abhijjhā); AN.ii.5, AN.ii.149 sq. AN.iii.99, AN.iii.207; AN.v.216 sq.; Snp.592, Snp.1106; Pp.20, Pp.59; Ne.12 Ne.29 (citta-sampīḷanaṃ d.), Ne.53, Dhs.413, Dhs.421, Dhs.1389; Vb.15, Vb.54, Vb.71, Vb.138 sq.; Dhp.i.121.

  • -indriya the faculty or disposition to feel grief DN.iii.239 (+ som˚); SN.v.209 sq.;
  • -upavicāra discrimination of that which gives distress of mind DN.iii.245;
  • -patta dejected, disappointed Ja.ii.155.

Sk. daurmanasya, duḥ + manas