wooden pail, vat, trough; usually as measure of capacity (4 Āḷhaka generally) Pv.iv.3#33 (mitāni sukhadukkhāni donehi piṭakehi). taṇḍula˚ a doṇa of rice Dhp-a.iii.264 Dhp-a.iv.15. At Ja.ii.367 doṇa is used elliptically for doṇamāpaka (see below).

  • -pāka of which a d. full is cooked, a doṇa measure of food SN.i.81; Dhp-a.ii.8.
  • -māpaka (mahāmatta) (a higher official) supervising the measuring of the doṇa-revenue (of rice) Ja.ii.367, Ja.ii.378, Ja.ii.381; Dhp-a.iv.88;
  • -mita a d measure full DN.i.54; MN.i.518.

Sk. droṇa (nt.) conn. with *dereṷo tree, wood, wooden, see dabbi & dāru & cp. Sk. druṇī pail