adjective one-sided, on one end, with one top, topmost (˚-) usually in function of an adv. as ˚-meaning “absolutely, extremely, extraordinary, quite” etc.

  1. (lit.) at one end, only in ˚lomin a woollen coverlet with a fringe at one end DN.i.7 (= ekato dasaṃ uṇṇāmay’ attharaṇaṃ keci ekato uggata-pupphan ti vadanti DN-a.i.87) Vin.i.192; Vin.ii.163, Vin.ii.169; AN.i.181.
  2. (fig.) extremely very much, in freq. combinations; e.g. ˚kāḷaka AN.iii.406; AN.iv.11; ˚gata SN.v.225; AN.iii.326; ˚dukkha MN.i.74; SN.ii.173 SN.iii.70 (+ sukha); AN.v.289; ˚dussīlya Dhp-a.iii.153; ˚nibbida AN.iii.83; AN.iv.143; ˚paripuṇṇa SN.ii.219; SN.v.204; ˚manāpa SN.iv.238; ˚sukha AN.ii.231; AN.iii.409; ˚sukhin DN-a.i.119 etc.

Sk. ekānta