to go, go to, reach; often (= ā + eti) to come back, return Snp.364, Snp.376, Snp.666 (come); (return); ppr. ento Ja.iii.433 (acc. suriyaṃ atthaṃ entaṃ the setting sun); imper 2nd sg. ehi only in meaning “come” (see separately) 3rd etu DN.i.60; 2nd pl. etha DN.i.211; Snp.997; Ja.ii.129; Dhp-a.i.95 (in admission formula “etha bhikkhavo” come ye [and be] bhikkhus! See ehi bhikkhu)
fut essati,, & ehiti Ja.ii.153; 2nd sg. ehisi Dhp.236 Dhp.369
pp ita (q.v.).

P. eti represents Sk. eti as well as ā-eti, i.e. to go and to come (here); with Sk. eti cp. Av. aeiti, Gr. ε ̓ϊσι Lat. eo, it; Goth. iddja went, Obulg. iti, Oir. etha