adverb emphatic part “so, even, just”; very freq. in all contexts & combns.

  1. eva Ja.i.61 (ajj’eva this veryday), Ja.i.278 (tath’eva likewise); Ja.ii.113 (ahaṃ e just I), Ja.ii.154 (ekam e. just one), Ja.ii.160 (attano e. his very own).
  2. eva often appears with prothetic (sandhi-)y as yeva, most frequently after i and e, but also after the other vowels and ṃ, cp. Ja.i.293, Ja.i.307; Ja.ii.110, Ja.ii.128, Ja.ii.129 Ja.ii.159; Ja.iv.3; Ja.vi.363.
  3. After ṃ eva also takes the form of ñeva, mostly with assimilation of ṃ to ñ, viz. tañ ñeva Ja.i.223; tasmiñ ñeva Ja.i.139; ahañ ñeva Mil.40.
  4. After long vowels eva is often shortened to va (q.v.).
  • -rūpa 1 such, like that Snp.279, Snp.280; Iti.108; Ja.ii.352, etc. 2 of such form, beauty or virtue Ja.i.294 Ja.iii.128, etc.

Vedic eva