adverb so, thus, in this way, either referring to what precedes or what follows, e.g.

  1. thus (as mentioned, expld. at Vism.528 as “niddiṭṭha-nayanidassana”) DN.i.193 (evaṃ sante this being being so), DN.i.195 (id.); Vin.ii.194 (evaṃ bhante, yes); Ja.i.222; Pv.ii.13#12 evaṃ etaṃ, just so)
  2. thus (as follows) MN.i.483 (evaṃ me sutaṃ “thus have I heard”)
    ■ Often combd. with similar emphatic part., as evam eva kho “in just the same way” (in final conclusions) DN.i.104, DN.i.199 DN.i.228, DN.i.237, DN.i.239; in older form evaṃ byā kho (= evam iva kho) Vin.ii.26; Vin.iv.134 = DN-a.i.27; evam evaṃ “just so” DN.i.51; Snp.1115; evaṃ kho DN.i.113; evam pi Snp.1134; evaṃ su DN.i.104; etc. etc.

Vedic evaṃ