1. adj. deep, thick, impervious, only in a˚ clear, unobstructed, free from obstacles Vv.18#7 (akanataka +); Mil.160 (gahanaṃ a kataṃ the thicket is cleared).
  2. nt. an impenetrable place, a thicket jungle, tangle
    1. 18 gahanāni at Ja.v.46; usually appl. to grass: tiṇa˚ AN.i.153 = AN.iii.128 (+ rukkha˚); Mil.369; adj. tiṇagahanā obstructed with grass (of vihārā) Vin.ii.138
      ■ SN.i.199 (rukkhamūla˚); Ja.i.7, Ja.i.158; Pv-a.5 (pabbata˚), Pv-a.43; Vv-a.230 (vana˚)
    2. fig. imperviousness, entanglement, obstruction appl. to diṭṭhi, the jungle of wrong views or heresy (usually combined w. diṭṭhi-kantāra, the wilderness of d., see diṭṭhi) MN.i.8, MN.i.485; Pp.22; DN-a.i.108. Of rāga˚, moha˚, etc., and kilesa˚ Cnd.630 (in expl. of Satthā; rāgagahanaṃ tāreti); Dhp-a.iv.156 (on Dhp.394) Vv-a.96
      ■ manussa˚ MN.i.340.
  • -ṭṭhāna a lair in the jungle Ja.i.150, Ja.i.253.

Sk. gahana, cp. also ghana