adjective noun belonging to the rank or grade of a householder, a member of the gentry, a man of private means (see gahapati) DN.i.61 (expl. as gehassa pati ekageha-matte jeṭṭhaka DN-a.i.171); Cnd.342; Pv-a.39 Often in combination w. khattiya & brāhmaṇa: AN.i.66; DN.iii.44, DN.iii.46, DN.iii.61; & often in contrast to brāhmaṇa only brāhmaṇa-gahapatika Brahmins & Privates (priests laymen, Rh.D.; Buddh. S. p. 258) MN.i.400; AN.i.110, Iti.111; Ja.i.83, Ja.i.152, Ja.i.267; Pv-a.22
■ paṇṇika g˚ “owner of a house of leaves” as nickname of a fruiterer Ja.iii.21; of an ascetic Ja.iv.446.