the “seizer,” a supposed organ of the body dealing with digestion and gestation. Sama-vepākiniyā g˚ iyā samannāgata “endowed with good digestion” DN.ii.177 = DN.iii.166. Same phrase at Avs.i.168, Avs.i.172. Cp. Vedic graha. B. Psy. 59, 67.

Gahaṇika in phrase saṃsuddha -gahaṇika coming from a clean womb, of pure descent, in the enum. of the indispensable good qualities of a brahmin or a noble DN.i.113, DN.i.115, DN.i.137 (gahaṇī expl. as kucchi DN-a.i.281) AN.i.163, AN.iii.154, AN.iii.223; Snp.p.115. Ja.i.2; duṭṭha-gahaṇika having a bad digestion Vin.i.206.