1. a musician, a singer Ja.ii.249 sq.; Ja.iii.188; Vv-a.36, Vv-a.137.
  2. a Gandharva or heavenly musician, as a class (see ˚*kāyika*) belonging to the demigods who inhabit the Cātummahārājika realm DN.ii.212; AN.ii.39 (as birds); AN.iv.200 (with asurā & nāgā), AN.iv.204, AN.iv.207; cp. SN.iii.250 sq.; also said to preside over child-conception: MN.i.265 sq.; Mil.123 sq.
  • -kāyika belonging to the company of the G. SN.iii.250 sq.; Pv-a.119;
  • -mānusā (pl.) G. & men Dhp.420; Snp.644;
  • -hatthaka “a G- hand,” i.e. a wooden instrument in the shape of a bird’s claw with which the body was rubbed in bathing Vin.ii.106, see Vin. Texts iii.67.

Vedic gandharva