somewhat heavy.

  1. lit. Ja.i.134 (of the womb in pregnancy); Dhp.310; Mil.102. Usually coupled & contrasted with; lahuka, light: in def. of sense of touch Dhs.648; similarly w. sithila, dhanita dīgha, rassa Mil.344; DN-a.i.177 (in expl. of dasavidha vyañjana).
  2. fig.
    1. heavy, grave, serious esp. applied to
      āpatti, breach of regulations, offence (opp. lahuka Vin.v.115, Vin.v.130, Vin.v.145, Vin.v.153; Dhp.138 (ābādha, illness)
      ■ applied to kamma at Vism.601 (one of the four kinds) nt. as adv. considerably Mil.92 (˚ṃ parinamati).
    2. important, venerable, worthy of reverence Thig.368 (Satthu sāsana = garukātabba Thag-a.251); Mil.140
    3. -˚ “heavy on,” bent on, attaching importance to: nahāna˚ fond of bathing Vin.i.196; tadattha engaged in (jhāna) Cnd.264; kamma˚ attributing importance to k. Cnd.411; saddhamma˚ revering the Doctrine Sdhp.520 Nibbāna-garuka Vism.117 (+ Nâdhimutta & N-pabbhāra).
  • -āpatti a grievous offence, see above. As terasa g-˚ino at Mil.310.

from garu